The plum blossom,
along with pine and
bamboo, is one of
the"three durable
plants of winter,"
which are used in
feng shui as symbols
of robust health,
beauty, and




We’ve all had the experience of walking into a place and immediately feeling comfortable, or energized, or relaxed. Have you thought why that is? And why do some places cause us to feel uncomfortable, anxious, or perhaps tired?

It is because we have a reciprocal energetic connection to our environment. Environments influence us just as we influence environments.

This principle is used with intention in many places we go-- office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls. Think of your favorite retail store. There are all kinds of sensory and energetic signals intentionally built into the design of the store that evoke certain emotions and inspire certain actions.

This energetic connection to our environment is the basis of Feng Shui. In fact, the name itself embodies the connection, because "Feng Shui" means "wind-water," representing the two natural energies of movement.

Through Feng Shui principles, I am able to analyze the quality and flow of energy in your space. Does it support your lifestyle? Is it a reflection of who you are? Does it create the environment you want? These are questions I will explore with you in your Feng Shui consultation.

As we find the answers to these questions, we’ll identify problem areas and make specific adjustments to revitalize and balance the flow. This process creates an environment that is vibrant, beautiful, and in harmony with who you are.

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Photo: Dave Rossman / © 2012 Dave Rossman


In Feng Shui, the front entrance is called the 'mouth of chi' and takes in the energy that will circulate throughout the home. How well the energy of your home supports your well-being depends in large part on how effectively the front entrance invites a high quality energy in the right amounts and at the right pace.




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