"The warmth
grows by degrees;

one plum blossom

after another




Shifts in energy begin almost immediately.

"Gina recommended changes to the wealth and fame & reputation areas of our home. Almost immediately, the phone started ringing. Several large business deals that had been stalled suddenly came together for my husband. I, too, landed new projects and interest in my screen plays picked up. I actually won several awards for my writing"
M. M..

Feng Shui process creates a positive, solid foundation for living.

"Gina Castellano’s Feng Shui consultation changed our family life for the better. With the new awareness of how our environment can support our well-being, we have been able to consciously clean out every area of our home, resulting in fresh perspectives on our lives. We are amazed every day at how effective the Feng Shui process is in creating a positive, solid foundation for living."
Kelley T.

Creativity gains focus and direction.

"I recently had a Feng Shui consultation with Gina. I had been avoiding a consultation, because I thought it would entail having to totally rearrange everything in my apartment. It turned out that all the changes I needed to make were very subtle and were easily done in just a few hours. The most significant changes occurred in the area of creativity. I am a singer/musical composer, so creativity is especially important to me. Gina identified some energy leaks in that area. As soon as I made the appropriate adjustments, I felt my creative energy coming alive. I then was able to easily create a website to display my musical compositions, which is a project I had been thinking about doing for years but had never been able to follow through until the session with Gina."
Karen B.

A seemingly small change makes huge difference in overall well being.

"I can truly say that my life has changed for the better since Gina did a Feng Shui analysis of my home. The Feng Shui cures and adjustments Gina recommended were simple to do, yet very powerful. We actually rearranged a few pieces of furniture, including moving my bed to the other side of the room. It seems like a small thing, but in fact it made a huge difference in how I sleep and in my overall sense of well being. The day after we moved one piece of furniture from my career section, my phone started ringing with business opportunities. The whole process made me so much more aware of the different areas of my life and the things I can do to enhance them. I wholeheartedly recommend Feng Shui for your home or business."
Randi P.


With Feng Shui, clutter falls away.

"After months of feeling stuck, ideas for various creative projects are streaming in so fast I must keep a notebook handy to capture them all. And the clutter is flowing out with equal ease. All this from clarifying my life intention and strategically applying a few simple Feng Shui cures.. This is terrific! Thanks again, Gina!"
Gloria S.


"“I am more keenly aware of the various aspects of my life that are touched by Feng Shui and how those areas can be enhanced through the use of various cures and treatments. I now have a sense of having greater influence over these areas of my life.”
N. M.

The phone hasn't stopped ringing since!

"We had a Feng Shui consultation with Gina in our chiropractic office in
October of last year.

Upon her recommendations we made minor adjustments throughout our office.
It wasn't until the beginning of this year that we added a fountain in the
career section of our lobby. The phone hasn't stopped ringing since!

We've more than doubled the number of new patients in the month of January
of this year compared to last, and the trend has continued for February.
Dr. Dan, John and Christine"


Feng Shui works when selling a house.

"Thanks so much for the feng shui consult to help us sell our house. After not having any showings in 2-1/2 months, we had two showings this week. My husband and I were both impressed - thank you so much. I have every confidence that the house will sell soon. I really appreciate your expertise.
Thanks, Kristie

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