Feng Shui for Your Life: A Day of Health

This program devotes a whole day to you and to designing your lifestyle, using Feng Shui principles and simple, gentle processes to remove inner obstacles to living the life you truly want to live. Feng Shui for Your Life is a holistic approach to attaining your life goals.

The Morning Session

Outline goals and clarify intention for your life.
• Feng Shui analysis, sector by sector of the Ba-Gua, to identify physical and
energetic blocks
• Inner work, including identifying and clearing mental and emotional blocks
• Application of powerful Feng Shui adjustments and enhancements to support
your goals.

The Afternoon Session

• Assess what’s in your closet. Does it reflect the self you aspire to become?
• Release clothing and other items that no longer serve you.
• Experience the transforming power of having only clothes in your closet that are
consistent with your best self in the present.

By the completion of the day, you will have attained the following:
• Clarity about your life goals and your intention for your life.
• Release from inner and outer obstacles
• Knowledge and tools to create a home that physically and energetically supports
you and your goals.

This program can be tailored to your individual needs and concerns and to meet your specific scheduling preferences.

For more information and to schedule your day, contact Gina.

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