How Feng Shui Works

Feng Shui has at its core the concept of the Ba-Gua. The Ba-Gua is an 8 sided diagram derived from the I Ching, the Chinese book of divination. Each side represents a different aspect of life. The entire diagram is overlaid on a floor plan of a house to analyze the health and harmony of the house.

The Ba-Gua represents different aspects of life that make up what we call our lifestyle—or all the components of life that must work synergistically to create a healthy, balanced, beautiful, joyful, and inspired lifestyle. They are:

Knowledge & Self Cultivation
Children & Creativity
(at the center of the diagram)
Fame & Reputation
Marriage & Relationships

How Feng Shui Can Work for You

To see how Feng Shui can be of value to you, take a moment to do a simple exercise. Refer to the 9 areas of life that are contained in the Ba-Gua.
For each area, choose a number between 1 and 6 to represent how well you feel things are working in that area of your life. (1=not working well; 6=working well)
The areas of your life that received the lower numbers are the areas you would want to focus on in your Feng Shui consultation.

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