When laid over any
floor plan, site plan,
or room, the bagua
divides the space into
9 sectors.



Gina recommends cures
tailored to each individual
situation. Cures are
carefully chosen to blend
harmoniously with the look
and style of the home.

A Feng Shui Analysis Can Turn a Good House Plan into a Great One

If you’re building a home or creating a remodeling or redecorating plan, a Feng Shui analysis while still in the planning stages can be an enormous benefit. Not only does it ensure that your house will truly support your well being, but an analysis will also help you to identify hidden imbalances and obstructions to the flow of energy before you put up a wall or knock one down!

Plum blossoms begin to bloom in mid-winter and signify the coming of Spring.

The Consultation

An initial Feng Shui consultation takes about 2 hours. The consultation is guided by your personal concerns and goals—by whatever areas of life you wish to enhance.
Together we determine how best to create the atmosphere that supports you. We will work with "cures" or adjustments that are pleasing to your eye, practical, and financially feasible.

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Long Distance Consultations

If you wish to consult long distance, simply send a floor plan and photos of your space. We’ll then arrange a time to talk over the phone.

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